It is a fact that Yoga was born in the woods and came into existence by purely observing nature’s laws, the surrounding environment, animals and the balance between humans and the five elements. From various applications, yoga can take your workout anywhere, and it is better than being confined to your smelly, hot gym for hours. Yoga can be done anywhere! Parks, mountaintops, beaches and even your backyard. The following are the benefits of yoga in nature.

No Competition for Floor Space

It happens to most people, and you will realise that the Yoga class is packed with a lot of people and becomes a significant challenge during the warrior pose. However, when you take your mat outdoors, floor space becomes a non-issue. Placing your feet in the sand or grass is the best way of relieving stress, and establishing an earth connection. Besides, having direct contact with the earth reduces the risk of developing heart-related diseases and stress.

Get Inspiration

Our nature is filled with beautiful terrains, the atmosphere, plants and animals that can significantly inspire you during your workout. It is considering that Yoga poses and their names were derived from plants and animals. When you practice Yoga outdoors, it enables the yogi to symbolise the meaning of the pose while at the same time looking at what inspired the pose.

It’s Relaxing and Recharging

When you integrate walking meditation with yoga, you will manage to attain moments of clarity. If you enjoy yoga and look to experience something more profound, opt for eco-yoga. Besides, it helps those people who love practicing yoga outside have a connection with nature in a compelling way.

Feel Connected to Your Neighborhood

How best can you get connected to your surroundings while having a workout? Go practice yoga in nature. You can practice Yoga in a park near your hood and enjoy the great experience accompanied by the syrinx of the birds. You will connect with other yogis, the city and the world around you in a unique way.

Be More Present

Did you know that when we get surrounded by nature, our senses get awakened? Our ears can quickly pick up birds chirping within the surrounding and the warm breeze blowing around us. In addition to that, our skins will absorb the warmth directly obtained from natural heat waves. With our senses awakened, we become more present in our lives with little distractions.

Breathe In the Fresh Air

Yoga practice is mainly influenced by the awareness of your breath and synchronizing it to your movements. It makes a lot of sense to breathe in the freshest and purest air possible, and nature provides that in abundance. When we breathe in the fresh air especially when working out, its filled with oxygen that increases serotonin levels in the body.

Replenish has many outdoor yoga opportunities this summer, so join us outside for a beautiful yoga experience that will leave you renewed.