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         A collective of spiritual teachers and healers to assist you in our spiritual journey.

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Christa Heibel
Yoga Instructor & Reiki Healer

Christa is dedicated to a life that enriches the welfare of all—rich, poor, and everyone in-between. She is driven by a desire to serve God and all His people by leading them through a spiritual, physical, and emotional journey to connectedness, community, and acceptance.

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Monica Hatch
Spiritual Life Coach

Monica Ruth Hatch is a Spiritual Life Coach and as a coach, educator, and consultant she works with
individuals and teams in expanding their professional and personal potential. Monica also focuses on
Spirituality with a Metaphysical Perspective. She has a diverse background in management, sales,
customer service, training, and teaching which has provided her expertise and insight into coaching.
Areas of focus include relationship building, leadership skills, and communication skills. She is known for
her exceptional work with clients at treatment centers by guiding people through their addictions to live
an empowered life. Besides being a Spiritual Life Coach, Monica is an intuitive and incorporates these
elements into her coaching experience because it provides a deeper understanding of subconscious
beliefs that may be hampering one’s progress. This process involves calling upon Spirit to assist in
redefining life’s meaning and emerge a more empowered individual.
crystal therapy

Cynthia Carrese
Crystal/Aromatherapy Oil Therapy


Crystals have their particular vibration and frequency, which arise from their molecular composition.
These vibrations and energies can help uplift our mood, mind, and health often in the way essential
oils and aromatherapy work. Acting like a magnet, it can absorb the negative energies and welcome
fresh vibes. I have worked with crystals and oils for over 20 years.
Crystals are naturally extracted, they carry the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans to improve our
There are a whole range of different types of crystals/oils and each one has their own healing
attribute and impact different parts of the body and help with different things you want to increase or
decrease. If you need assistance with anxiety, love, childhood wounds, sleep disorders, headaches,
abundance, trust, self-esteem, energy, I would love to assist you.
Science recognizes the astonishing abilities of quartz crystals. The crystalline structure of quartz
carries electricity and radio frequencies. This is why quartz is used in radios and additional
electronic devices. Scientists are working with quartz and crystals as sources of unlimited
alternative energy.
I will send a short questionnaire of what you are experiencing or want to work on. This gives me time
to prepare an hour-long class where we will breathe, listen to soothing music and come up with
affirmations designed for you. I will have crystals selected to enhance your experience during our
session. I will also introduce you to certain oils that when combined with crystals will balance you

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