For most people, when the thought of inversions cross their minds, they trigger a fear response within their body. It ’s not surprising, because the act of getting upside down does not come naturally to the majority of us. A perfectly balanced headstand is usually accompanied by various falls along the way. My hope is that you will find that Yoga inversions should not be panic-inducing, but full of benefits.

What Is A Yoga Inversion?

These are Yoga poses in which the Yogi’s heart is at a higher level than the head. However, not all Yoga inversions require an individual to be entirely upside down. Various mild inversions may be performed by beginners before trying the complicated poses.

The mastery of inversion poses improves both mental and physical strength. Yoga inversion poses include; standing forward bends, legs up against the wall, dolphin pose and downward facing dog.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This type of yoga inversion pose is quite easy to practice and is perfect for Yoga beginners. Apart from significantly calming your nervous system and boosting digestive mobility, it also aids in reducing menstrual problems. You can also use this pose for stretching exercises before and after your regular workout.

Legs up The Wall Pose

This posture enables various parts of your body like head, throat, and neck to be supplied with sufficient blood. Ultimately, the pituitary glands, nerve centers in the brain and the thyroid gland get a new boost of energy. This pose eases the lower back pain, helps in curing insomnia and depression, rejuvenates tired legs, and heals varicose veins.

Headstand Pose 

This inversion is self –explanatory, and you will invert the body entirely which can be done along the wall, enabling the head to rest on the floor. Your arms will support your head, and the feet will rest firmly on the air. Performing the pose will strengthen your shoulders, neck, and arms. In addition to that, it helps you in boosting your digestive power and calming your mind.

Dolphin Pose

The dolphin pose is also known as the “puppy pose” and is a variation of the downward facing dog pose. It focuses on the shoulders, core and upper back. When women incorporate this pose in the regular workout, it eases their menstrual discomfort. It also combats several sleep disorders and can treat sciatica, asthma, and hypertension.

Hare Pose

Hare pose is the best stretch to get more comfortable with all the inverted poses. It is not a full inversion, but it will make your spinal cord elastic and more flexible when you stretch the back. Apart from that, it helps to elongate your spine and improve your posture.

Inversion Yoga has many benefits and can take your Yoga practice to the next level. Join us in studio to discover all the benefits of Yoga.