Discovering Consciousness Through Soma Yoga
By Sage Johnson

When our modern lives stress our bodies, we react in a myriad of ways. For example, working long hours at a computer can cause slumped posture, which in turn results in neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel and a long list of other issues. Our bodies respond to this stress with unconscious reflexes that, when triggered continually, can cause habitual muscle contractions that can’t voluntarily release.


Somatic movement (or somatics), on the other hand, is performed consciously and with intention. It incorporates sensory motor awareness to recondition muscles with the goal of releasing habitual contractions. It is focused on the internal experience of the movement rather than its external appearance or result.


Soma yoga incorporates the principles of somatics with classic yoga asana in a practice that invites us to identify – and reverse – unhealthy or harmful movement patterns that have developed over time. Soma yoga is gentle, exploratory and conscious, focused on the internal experience of movement. Soma yoga can help:

  • Develop healthier movement patterns in order to let go of tension, reduce pain and increase mobility.
  • Unwind old stress-holding patterns in your body to unlock your body from chronic pain and increase your flexibility.
  • Change chronic tension patterns by realigning the body’s innate ability to self-correct to ease and efficiency.
  • Gain awareness of habitual moving, thinking and attention patterns; with awareness lies freedom.  
  • Expand your movement – and therefore, improve daily living – by releasing layers of involuntary holding patterns.
  • Strengthens the mind/body connection by building awareness and consciousness.

When our bodies function in the inherent brilliance intended they are limitless and empowered to heal themselves. Soma yoga is ideal for anyone interested in finding a more free, curious, and awake relationship with their interconnected mind/body/spirit.

Experience Soma Yoga in a special workshop series with Replenish guest instructor Angela Fulghum of Nomad Wellness.

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