5 Mental/Spiritual Benefits to Practicing Yoga or Meditation 

5 Mental/Spiritual Benefits to Practicing Yoga or Meditation 



The practice of Yoga has been around for about 5,000 years with its origin in India and involves the combination of spiritual, physical and mental elements. Yoga is a type of meditation that demands the practitioner to pay full attention while he/she moves from one yoga position to the other. As you learn the new methods of shifting and responding to your body and mind, other parts of your life will change significantly.

The Spiritual Stretch

The practice of Yoga is partly physical involving the movement of one pose to the other. When you practice Yoga regularly, it eventually develops your strength and stamina. The spiritual benefits are attained when you get much broader because without this it will merely be a gym session or a stretch class.  Yoga is a mental practice that enables you to get through psychological challenges and emotional stress.

It Makes You More Inspired and Creative

There is always guidance, wisdom, and inspiration deep within us, but we often get distracted by thoughts of worry, and we fail to notice this.  With regular practice of Yoga or meditation which primarily involves calming and clearing our minds, it leads us to a broader sense of hope, well-being, love, and inspiration that is deep within us.

It Improves Focus

The practice of regular Yoga and meditation makes people more focused and present. Whether you are making a challenging pose or closely following the step-to-step movements of a Yoga sequence, people tend to develop better concentration skills and increase their ability to focus on the challenges at hand. When children practice Yoga, for instance, the series and flow of Yoga can be positively transferred to increased attentiveness in their school work and other extracurricular activities.

Cultivating Awareness

When people get committed to a consistent Yoga practice, they seek to experience and be aware of the energy, spirit within and without them. In this case, spirit refers to higher consciousness which involves a driving force, high motivation and having a clear reason behind everything we think and perform. During such a practice, being aware of this energy is spiritual. On that note, awareness is significant to Yoga as a spiritual practice.

It boosts confidence

Are you an individual with low self-esteem and often develop butterflies when you need to interact with other people? Even if you are someone that is a “people person”, I am sure you have experienced times where you felt anxious and had low levels of confidence.  Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum, you should consider incorporating a Yoga practice into your regular work out plan. The greatest attribute of practicing Yoga is mainly focusing on self-discovery and evolution instead of wasting time competiting and comparing yourself to others. When adults and children alike practice Yoga, they get encouraged to follow their paths, move in their own pace, and have confidence.


Maybe it’s your first time doing yoga or perhaps you have been practicing for years – regardless, I invite you to join me in a class, workshop or retreat. We can practice what it means to truly surrender and discover our place and purpose in this world.

by Aug 06, 2018
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