All We Need Is Love…Literally

During my trip to India, I had an unbelievable opportunity to be in the presence of true Enlightenment, with people who embody love. Being with them literally changed my vibration. I believe if you have ever been near an enlightened one, you know what I’m talking about. It is that moment you know that the questions you’ve been asking yourself about how to be a better person in this sometimes horribly tragic and difficult life are important to ask and strive to achieve. It is the moment you realize that, if we get out of our own way, we can vibrate love.

As a Reiki practitioner, I’ve been fascinated by the energy body and the concept that we are made up of much more than the mere substance matter of the physical body that we in the West so often associate ourselves with. Yoga has been an invitation to me to explore myself beyond the physical body to discover breath, prana of life force energy, the mind and consciousness itself, my true inner Self.

One need only look to the mystics and Saints of the past and every religion to understand they all lead us to some core concepts (perennial Philosophy), including that the most basic answer to Who We Are, the most important action we can express and the most important energetic vibration we can be is love.

However, the whole concept of love is sticky and tricky. It can be as heartbreaking as it is heart uplifting. It often comes with attachments, expectations disappointments and hurt.

Yoga invites us into a greater exploration and expression of a love many of us have not experienced in the past. Yoga takes us to a different place and energy, to the kind of love that is an invitation to give without expectation, to love without attachment of receiving anything back in return. Yoga puts love into an expression of kindness, compassion, support and grace that we all have an opportunity to offer each other in every moment.

A beautiful Vedic scholar and teacher, Siddhartha Krishna, speaks about loving with a small heart, in the realm of attachment, expectations and ego/mine versus loving with a big heart that allows love to be given freely to all.

As we further explore the concept of love and what it has meant to us in our life, we sit with the vibration of wanting to be a more lovingly kind individual, and we start to develop interests in the larger concepts that yoga encourages us to explore. The foundation of yoga philosophy is ahimsa translated as non-violence. Its aspects invite us into the acknowledgement that when we hurt one, we hurt all, and our application of loving kindness should be applied to living things at all times.

As beautiful as it was to sit in the presence of individuals that so clearly emanated and reflected love out of every cell of their being, it felt overwhelming to step back into my own life, where I am more likely to be busy than present, short than kind, selfish rather than selfless. How to bring that loving kindness into my life is now a daily question and a constant challenge.

Nevertheless, it is a challenge I am up for.

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