Why I Did the In-Depth Yoga Study and Teacher Training

Tara, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

I have been interested in yoga for more than 15 years, and although I’ve taken classes in Southern Ontario and Winnipeg, I was never diligent enough to create my own daily practice. I was finding that no matter how hard I tried, I could not find a work/life (family, fitness, friends, fun) balance! However, I did notice that when I had a little down time, the main thing I wanted to read was Yoga Journal. 


Little by little I started to carve out more time for my practice, especially for meditation. Meditation had such an immediate positive effect on my thinking (e.g., positivity, living authentically, increased intuition and calmness) that I started to read more about it. I became inspired to learn even more, but shortly came to the conclusion that a person can only get so far teaching themselves everything they want to know!  I began looking for Teacher Training classes to grow my own practice/knowledge base. I thought my only option was in Winnipeg. It seemed meant to be when it came to my attention (out of the blue!) that there would be Teacher Training offered through Replenish (and Yoga Alliance) in International Falls in January 2017. I could not pass it up. Although the course is very time-consuming and intense, you would never, EVER learn this much alone, without the time commitment (e.g., 7 ENTIRE weekends over a 6-month period) and deadlines (e.g., readings, teaching assignments, papers) that this course requires. 

The Best Part

Yoga philosophy is very interesting and inspiring. There are many things I liked about the training, but the main thing was how much I enjoyed being surrounded by other students who were as interested and eager to learn as I was. I also loved being in the company of such a knowledgeable/inspired instructor (Christa). 

Required Reading

Of all the readings, I especially loved ‘The Yamas and Niyamas’ and ‘The Upanishads.’  Studying the Yamas and Niyamas (the first two of the Eight Limbs) and the Chakras requires you to also delve into a level of self-study that a person would not likely take the time to do (independent of going to live in an Ashram!).  If you are serious about growing your practice/knowledge base, interested in self-study/personal growth, or teaching yoga/meditation, this class is for you. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to take it.