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Frequently asked questions

How Much Does A Walk-In Class Cost?

Walk-In Classes are $10.00 per class.

How Many Classes Can I Attend When I Purchase A Pass?

A 10 class punch card can be purchased for $75 and used for Walk-In classes only. Workshops,Retreats,Special Events, and Series are excluded.

What Is The Membership Pass & How Much Does It Cost?

3-, 6- and 12-month memberships include any and all walk-in classes offered during the term of the membership. The membership does not include workshops, events, series or retreat classes.  However, members are eligible for discounted pricing on workshops, events and series

Can More Than One Person Use My Pass? What If I Bring A Friend With Me?

You are more then welcome to allow and share your punch card class passes with a friend. The friend will need to also be registered into the class and class re-assignment can be noted by a teacher. Memberships with unlimited class passes are not transferable, however if you purchase a pass for a friend, your membership discount will apply for them.

What Forms of Payment Do You Take?

We accept local checks, all credit cards and cash in US currency

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