December 15th-23rd 2018 Rishikesh

50 Hours Certificate / YACEP

Rishikesh India

December 15th-23rd 2018

RISHIKESH “The Land of God and Goddess


A 50 hours yoga Retreat in which we will learn and sharp our skills in the city of Yoga If you have been a beginner or even a yoga practitioner for some time, you are probably looking to learn more or enhance your practice .So this is the great opportunity for you to learn yoga and chanting of powerful Mantra in Indian and in the city of Lord SHIVA . Our yoga retreats are specially focus on wellness and provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for your inner peace. our expert team will help you to understand about yoga deeply . This retreat will help you to know “who we are and what is the aim of our life”

What is a Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a withdrawal to focus on the practice of yoga. … The purpose of aretreat is to allow yogis to deepen their practice without the distractions of life. Yoga retreats are temporary breaks from daily routine that typically last from weekend to a week or more. Yoga Retreat is a practice where you will meet Minded friends for life. It help to detox your Life.

What will You Learn

The first question about to join a yoga retreat what we will learn by this so first of all you will learn how to connect with the nature and to stop overthinking .You will feel surrounded yourself with positive energy.

Here are some of the results you can expect after attending

Yoga Retreat with Us:

  • An increased sense of
  • Self Love
  • Self awareness
  • Self acceptance
  • Self Confidence
  • Self improvement
  • Inner peace

Program overview

  • 9 Days yoga retreat 50 Hour Yoga intensive study
  • Pic & drop from the Dehradun Airport
  • Stay will be in good hotel close to the Nature
  • All 3 meals provided ( Vegetarian)
  • 2 Yoga session every Day
  • 1 mediation session everyday
  • 1 Ayurveda massage free during this retreat (Head , shoulder , feet)
  • Local sightseeing & temple visit
  • Kirtan with Fire ceremony

50 Hour Yoga Retreat Daily Sample Schedule

07.00 Am to 08.30 Am          Mantra Chanting,& Yoga Asana Practice

08:30 Am to 09:30 Am          Breakfast

09:30 Am To 11:00 Am         Spiritual Lecture

11:00 Am To 12:00 Am         Rest & Study Time

12:00 Pm To 13:00 Pm         Lunch

13:00 Pm To 18:00 Pm         sightseeing & Local Temple Visit

19:00 Pm To 20:00 Pm        Dinner Time

20:00 Pm To 21:00 Pm        Silence / Mediation

21:30 Pm                               Lights Off

Note : The schedule is subject

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